The Yasawa Group is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful island regions in Fiji, a necklace chain of grassy islands scalloped by white sand beach coves trimmed by coconut palms. It remains uncommercialised and offers holiday accommodation from budget backpacker resorts to exclusive luxury resorts. The islands are found north of Nadi (Fiji's main international gateway) and can be accessed by daily island catamaran ferry, by seaplane or helicopter. The most northern island - Yasawa - also has a small airstrip allowing for direct light aircraft flights from Nadi Airport.

The Yasawa Group is made up of some 20 islands of volcanic origin; which lie in a chain north west of Viti Levu. They commence about 40 km North West of Lautoka and stretch for 80 km. Some of the islands are: Yasawa, Waya, Nacula, Naviti, Tavewa, Nanuya, Yaqeta and Matacawalevu. These regions have the following resorts located on them:
Wayalailai Resort
Nabua Lodge
Botaira Resort
Otto & Fanny
Navutu Stars
Bayside Resort
Nalova Bay Resort
Korovou Eco Lodge
Coral View Resort
Octopus Resort
Oarsmans Bay Lodge
White Sandy Beach
Sunset Waya
Safe Landing
. . .
Naqalia Resort
Adi's Place
Longbeach Resort
Mantray Resort
Yasawa Island Resort
Vomo Island Resort
Barefoot Lodge
Bay Of Plenty
Nanuya Resort
Sunrise Lagoon Resort

The Yasawas are famous for crystal blue lagoons and some of the Pacific's most ethereal beaches. The islands have white sandy beaches and crystalline waters, lush tropical rainforests and soaring volcano peaks that attract fresh tropical rain. The Yasawas are accessed daily from Port Denarau and Lautoka by fast catamaran and resort water taxis; or seaplane and helicopter from Nadi.

The Yasawa Islands offer a great range of backpacking properties with their own unique attractions, cultural activities, picture perfect beaches, authentic Fijian food, amazing birdlife and world class scuba diving. There is also a wonderful selection of accommodation ranging from budget to unique five star resorts.The peace and tranquility, combined with the generosity and warmth of the local people make the Yasawas a very special and authentic travel. 

3 Great Fiji Islands Resorts

The Fiji Islands are comprised of 333 superb islands. While people live on most of these islands, some are some untouched inhabited jewels of the Pacific. The Fiji islands are a real heaven as they are located in the South Pacific, allowing for gorgeous weather. Every year, thousands of tourists come to visit the pure white beaches, the crystal clear turquoise ocean and to enjoy great weather, fun water sports and amazing diving or snorkeling. Whether you love to lay down by the beach with a book and relax or are looking for non-stop fun adventures, these islands have something to offer you.

There are many resorts of the Fiji Islands, some of which are located on private islands, far from the inquiring eyes of other tourists. To help you choose your perfect island, we put together the top 3 resorts of the Fiji Islands.

A Visit to Capri

An early start was needed for a visit to the island of Capri. We walked into Sorrento and boarded the hydrofoil for a 45 minute journey across to the famous island. During the crossing we were approached by a guide offering to show us 'where all the rich people live'on Capri. But for us, this wasn't the draw of our destination so we politely declined and made our own way on arrival.

Capri harbour (Marina Grande) was a bustling place, with a vast selection of tours available. We bypassed these in favour of our own, unguided exploration of the island. A cable car ride from the harbor allows visitors to scale the soaring hillside up to the town of Capri itself. On seeing the queue for this service, we decided on a walk. Now this walk was definitely not for the fainthearted. Some of the inclines between the houses nestled upon the hill are, shall we just say, steep! But the view as we looked back over the rippling blue bay is breathtaking.

Andaman Islands Giving Beautiful Memories to the Travelers

Andaman Islands - Giving Beautiful Memories to the Travelers   by Sonam Singh

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Andaman Island is a beautiful place. It is surrounded by serene blue sea. Its coastal line has white soft sand and the tropical forest belt of this place, multiplies the natural beauty. People who love to travel to different destinations of the world can visit this amazing Isle. This exotic site offers everything a traveler wishes for. Those who are planning to come to Andaman Island are suggested to contact a company, which provides great services so that they have a wonderful time while spending holidays here. The company takes care of every need of the vacationers. The moment tourists step on this land of scenic beauty, they get extra-ordinary treatment that they can never forget for the rest of their lives.

Andaman Nicobar Honeymoon Tour Travel

Andaman Nicobar Honeymoon Tour   by Caper

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Andaman Nicobar Islands is an archipelago of 572 emerald islands, islets and rocks. This is a mystic Island situated in the middle of Bay of Bengal, midway between India and Burma. Because of serene and scenic beauty this place is referred as 'Veritable Garden of Eden' and a 'nature's paradise'.

Endless stretches of white powdery sand, crescent shaped beaches decked with groves of palm and endless varieties of flora, fauna and marine life make it a hotspot for memorable and pleasurable holidays. The scattered charm of nature makes this place a most sought after destination for enjoying a blissful vacation. Large number of tourists prefers Andaman Honeymoon Packages for spending their honeymoon amidst breathtaking natural beauty. Some of the known attractions of Andaman Nicobar Island Tour are:

Attractions to Conquer in Fiji

Attractions to Conquer in Fiji Islands   by Phil Durrel

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Located in the South Pacific Ocean and northeast of New Zealand's North area, Fiji Islands welcome you to its natural attractions like long stretch of sandy beaches, majestic waterfalls, and the mesmerizing beauty of its islets. If you are looking for a relaxing place to visit, Fiji Islands should be on top of your list. There are cheap flights in Perth that you can avail of so you can save money in your long-sought visit to the isle of Fiji.

Here are the attractions in Fiji Islands waiting for you to explore.

Bangaram Island Resort Experience the charm

Bangaram Island Resort- Experience the charm of the unexplored and intriguing   by Rose

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Barbecue in Yasawa A Tranquil Pacific

The first thing I noticed on our cruise to Yasawa was the rising sun shining through the porthole. It was projected onto the cabin wall, a reddish ball of fire, shimmering, and seemingly growing larger by the minute. So calm was the sea that it appeared virtually stationary but then moved slightly as our cruise ship moved on the sea. Suddenly there was the rattle of the anchor. We had arrived in Manunggila bay off one of the remotest of the islands in the Yasawa group.

This tropical paradise in the South Pacific, near to the equator, is part of the Fijian group. The customs and culture in Fiji, to the east, are Polynesian but this village is home to 140 Melanesians, the only occupants of this remote island.

Beautiful Fiji My First Trip Out of the USA

We were spoiled right off the bat by cruising several small islands in Fiji, visiting remote Fijian villages, swimming, snorkeling and playing in some of the most beautiful azure waters in the world. We spent our first night in Fiji at the beautiful Westin Hotel located right on the beach. Our room, on the first floor, had a gorgeous view of the South Pacific Ocean through our sliding glass doors.

This is an ideal time for North Americans to take a trip to Fiji for that reasonably priced holiday, wedding ceremony or romantic getaway. There is an assortment of airlines flying to Fiji making it easy to reach. Fiji is one of the main travel hubs in the vast expanse of ocean, which means that overall travel in Fiji is both efficient and comfortable.

Cloister Yourself A Luxurious Beach Vacation

Sometimes you want to get away for a family vacation to the beach. A bright and busy boardwalk; cotton candy vendors; and lots of loud children screaming with delight as the waves crash down on them.

And sometimes, you want nothing of the sort. That's when your thoughts turn to peaceful sunsets over the water; fine dining in high style; luxurious rooms to pamper and cocoon yourself; and quiet moonlight strolls on the beach. The question of course, is where to find such a resort.

Since the Twenties, America's privileged classes have headed to the Cloister at Sea Island for a beach vacation in the grand tradition. Following an extraordinary three-year renovation the Cloister has reopened as one of the finest resort hotels in the US, preserving the exquisite architectural detail for which it is famed and updating its amenities to the highest level of luxury.

Couran Cove Island Resort

Day trips to Couran Cove Island Resort should come with a warning! Perhaps something simple like an Oliver Twist Clause - "Please sir, I want MORE!" One day at this resort on South Stradbroke Island is simply not enough.

Families with children can enjoy this resort, just as much as couples of any age looking for a quiet retreat or romantic getaway.

Day tripping to Couran Cove Island Resort is an option - particularly if you are are short on time, but has limited availability depending upon how busy the resort is.

There is, however, no doubt that staying on the island is the best option to really take advantage of all that this incredible resort has to offer.